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                   What does a Healing Intensive look like?


              It's a Place. 





and a Perspective.

"If You Change the Way You Look at Things,the Things You Look at Will Change!" 

Lao Tzu


What if it’s not the drugs?

What if it’s the pain?

Don’t ask why do addicts use drugs or alcohol?


Ask, what is it that drugs and alcohol do for an addict?


Addicts are in pain, physical and emotional.

Drugs relieve pain but so does acupuncture and other natural therapies which are not addictive.

Therefore drugs are not the problem,

pain is the problem.

     Brain/Mind Medicine

         Body Medicine

 Relationship Medicine

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Where does pain comes from?

The trauma of life and the inability to cope.

We feel pleasure in our brain and body when neurotransmitters are high.

We feel pain in our brain and body when neurotransmitters are low.



7 therapies increase pleasure neurotransmitters:

  1. Acupuncture For Addiction Pain Protocol:

  2. Ear Acupuncture/NADA Protocol

  3. Acu-Addict Bliss Protocol

  4. Addiction Pain Body Protocol

  5. Specific Amino Acid Therapy to                Heal the Brain

  6. Change the Way You Look at Things

  7. Great Relationships (the biggest gain of all)

Our goal is to treat your pain by increasing your pleasure neurotransmitters.


When you don’t feel so much pain, you won’t need to numb your heart and brain with drugs and alcohol.

Then, you can have a life well-loved

which leads to a life well lived.


That is it.

You feel pleasure when your neurotransmitters are high.

You feel pain when they are low.

I have developed a quiz that can help you find out if you have enough pleasure neurotransmitters or not. 

Email me a request for the Quiz and I will send it to you.

Or call to request to see if our program is right for you. 

Dr. Denny Thompson D.C.

Chiropractic Acupuncturist


While on your Holistic Healing Intensive you get to look at how your mind and body and relationships create your life and your illness. Then get to experience how to heal those areas and recreate your life. 


We Teach You How!


Cancer Cell

To succesfully heal yourself you must care for your mind, your body, and your relationships because each have a role in the cause of cancer, heart disease, and addiction.