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 Can't I Just Do Chemotherapy, Surgery and Radiation and

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Anti-Inflammation Protocols Are Anti-Cancer Protocols


1. Gerson Therapy


2. Kelly Program


3. Anti-Inflammation Supplements




It would be nice if that Paradigm worked  but according to scientific studies, that approach is not all that successful.


How Successful?

A national treatment center posts it's 5 years survival success rate on their internet site for your examination. Here are the stats.


Breast Cancer: Of 323 patients who were treated, 306 survived 6 months , 94 are still with us 5 years later.

(29% 5 year survival rate)


Lung Cancer: Of 1300 patients who were treated, 845 survived 6 months, 52 are still with us 5 years later.

(4% 5 year survival rate)


Colon Cancer: Of 360 who were treated, 306 survived 6 months, 25 are still with us 5 years later.

(7% 5 year survival rate)


Do you think those numbers are something to brag about?


Studies have also shown that the benefit of adding chemotherapy to a cancer treatment program increases the 5 year survival rate by only 2- 4% in most cases.


Isn't that shocking?

We all have seen what chemo can do to you. Is it worth it?is good news however.

A recent study showed that 48% of lung cancer patients used alternative medicine with standard cancer care.


Did it help? The results showed that adding alternative medicine (anti-cancer protocols) treatments to conventional therapy increased the over all survive rate up to 7 times longer.


82% of Stage 4 Lung cancer patients

who added alternative treatment were alive one year after diagnosis compared to 17% who used only conventional methods.


30-75% of Colon cancer patients use alternative treatments.


A study of patients who used chemotherapy plus alternative medicine with patients who only used short term chemo reduced the risk of death in stage I patients by 95%, in stage II by 64%, stage III by 29% and stage IV by 74%. 


According to these studies, adding alternative therapies can add a big survival benefit.

Your odds of survival improve if you use alternative medicine with conventional therapy.


Chemo does not the address the cause of cancer.


Radiation does not the address the cause of cancer.


Surgery does not the address the cause of cancer.


We have all seen pictures of people going through chemo and radiation.

Does it look like they are healing?

Or been through a war zone?


But now the Paradigm has your favor. 


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                         What Are Anti-cancer Possibilities and Protocols?


We are a health education group that focuses on teaching the skills you need to know to be healthy. We don't treat cancer; we teach you how to rebuild your health. We don't treat heart disease; we teach you how to create healthy circulation. And we use acupuncture, detoxification, chiropractic, diet, nutrition, and pulsed microcurrent frequency technology and relationship healing to make it all happen.


Cancer is a complex disease that has more than one cause and therefore more than one cure. Said another way, cancer is a complex disease process that has multi-factorial causes and subsequent system wide breakdowns that create conditions for cancer to grow. 


From this perspective, you must look at all the aspects involved in how you get cancer and all the possible solutions to reverse the process.


Cancer requires an effort for healing that is also sufficiently multi-factorial that gives you the best chance for survival. If I had cancer, if my child had cancer, if my wife had cancer, I would want an approach that included all the possibilities that were needed to get better. 



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