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What does a Holistic Healing Intensive Look Like?

              It's a Place and a Perspective.

     Mind Medicine

         Body Medicine

If you want to know what your body will be like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.



 Relationship Medicine

If you want to know what your mind and body  will be like tomorrow, look your your relationships today.

If you want to know what your thoughts were like yesterday, look at your   body today.



While on your Holistic Healing Intensive you get to look at how your mind and body and relationships create your life and your illness. Then get to experience how to heal those areas and recreate your life. 



You don't get cancer.  You grow cancer.

You don't get heart disease. You grow it.

You don't get diabetes. You grow it.

You don't get arthritis. You grow it.


All of the above illnesses are related to the growth of inflammation in the body. Therefore you need to know what causes this inflammation and how to stop it from growing inside of you and creating disease. 

We Teach You How!

Relationship Stress and Anger       Causes Inflammation


Cancer Cell


          What Causes Inflammation?


          Stress Causes Inflammation  


             And Inflammation Causes Cancer,      

            Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis,

      and other Chronic Illness


The picture to the right is of the lungs with the right lobe  inflammed. Research suggests  that on a metabolic level the cause of cancer and other chronic illness  is inflammation caused by irritation from some kind of stress to body tissues such as lung, liver, pancreas, muscle, ligament, etc. 


There are 3 kinds of stress that affect the body.

Chemical stress like toxins from our food and envirnoment.

Structural stress from physical trauma and infections.

Mental and emtotional stress from our life and relationships.


The question we ask as doctors is what stress is irritating the body causing this reaction. We see the inflammation but we also know that it is part of our own body's response to stress. It starts as a process for healing but if the stress continues and becomes chronic, inflammed cells start to change and tumors or plaque can be formed.


So what causes stress? Many things stress the body like diet, food allergies, digestive disturbances, infections, toxins, emotional and physical situtations. 


Irritation from many sources causes inflammation which if not healed will grow and grow and grow into a more serious condition and eventually into a dangerous body dysfunction like cancer, heart disease, diabestes, or athritis.  This can take years. 


The bottom line thought is this. 

Let's say you find out you have a tumor.

Your doctor takes out the tumor.

Your doctor says "I think we got it all".



But what happens when you go back to your life with the same stresses that caused the tumor to grow in the first place?

Since your mind, body and relationships are metabolically set up to create inflammation that creates the tumor, the tumor can and often does grow back somewhere else.



You Don't Get Cancer. 

Your Grow Cancer.


Therefore, you need to change the stess in your life that created the tumor in the first place.


It is the same with other illness.

Heart Disease is a problem of plaque build up on the inside of our arteries created by inflammation.

Diabetes is an inflammatory reaciton of your pancreas.

Athritis is an inflammatory reaciton in your joints.

Even depression is associated with inflammation.


You have to get on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle program.




To succesfully heal yourself you must care for your mind, your body, and your relationships because each have a role in the cause of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illness.

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