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Will Alternative Medicine add life to "my" cancer care?

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"If I had cancer, if my child had cancer, if my wife had cancer, I would want an approach that included all the possibilities for healing cancer. Wouldn’t you?"                

Dr. Denny

Though we are not Oncologists that treat cancer, we are holistic doctors who treat patients who have cancer. There is a big difference between the two.

Cancer doctors give chemo and radiation to kill cancer cells. Holistic doctors treat patients who have cancer by building health in a sick body. We help unhealthy cells get healthy. And you can do both approaches at the same time.


Do you know of the studies that show that those who use alternative medicine at the same time as they go through traditional cancer treatment can increase  their life expectancy 2-7 times

Just remember, modern medicine focuses on the cancer, holistic medicine focuses on healing your cells. Why wouldn’t you do both. Add a health model to your cancer care.

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