Mystic Medicine Practitioner

Certification Program

From Dr. Denny


Let me tell you a bit of a story.


For 30 years I have practiced healing as a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Relationship Coach and have written books on the subject.

Many people got better, but some didn’t and I wondered why.


Over the years I continued adding more new techniques and more people got better, yet some didn’t.

And I continued to wondered why.


I was obviously missing something, therefore I decided I had to change my perspective and look from an entirely different point of view.

You may have had a similar experience?


Ancient philosophers stressed that, to study either man or the universe, one had to study both. There is even a phrase for it, “As above, So below”.


In my research, I discovered that physical disease ends up showing itself in the body as a result of disharmony in our emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


 The body is connected to the mind which is connected to the spirit.


I eventually asked myself was illness a message from our body and our spirit

and was it telling us about our trauma?


From there, I asked myself a lot more questions.

What if our illness was more than an infection, more than a reaction to gluten, more than clogged arteries and heart disease, or more than cancer?


  • What if your illness was a symptom of you not being connected to your inner self, your inner source?

  • What if your illness was a symptom of you not being on purpose with your life?

  • What if your illness was a reflection of your relationships?

  • What if your illness was a reflection of how much you hate your job?

  • What if your illness was a reflection of how angry you are with your wife or husband or boss?

  • What if your illness was a reflection of the level of the love you have or don’t have in your life?

  • What if your illness was a reflection of how little you feel self-expressed in your life? 

  • What if your illness was a reflection of the fact that you have not accomplished what you thought you needed to accomplish? 

  • What if your illness was a disturbance in your ability to dream and create your life?

  • What if your destiny was part of a loop of consciousness that you didn’t have control of because you just didn’t know how to operate the remote?

  • What if your illness went all the way back to the level of your soul?



What pill do you take for that? What exercise program would you follow? What diet would be best?


Of course there is no pill, no exercise program or diet that touches the deeper levels that need to be healed.  


I did not have the answers so I kept on looking.


I learned that our brain and bodies are a tool of our spirit, our soul.

I learned that our deep driving desire leads to our will, our will to our deed, and our deed to our destiny.


And that our brain is involved in every part of that process therefore so is our soul.


This brings us to the universal Law of Attraction which is You Attract What You Think About.

Therefore, you invite unwanted events into your life by putting your attention on them.


To attract what you want, you have to know what you want.

It’s like your appetite.

When you have a good healthy appetite you crave a particular food and you go get it.

But what if you don’t have a good appetite.


Joe doesn’t have a good appetite. He sits on the couch and flips through the channels until a commercial comes on that tells him to go get pizza.

Then, he goes and eats a pizza and suffers at some level because pizza does not enliven his health.


What Joe’s healthy inner nature wanted was to feel good and be healthy.

Since he didn’t know what he really wanted and needed, he got what Domino’s Pizza wanted him to have.


Perhaps Joe was as not as connected to his inner self as much as he needed to be.

I have been there.

You may have as well.



Why are we so disconnected?


It is the trauma to our mind and body that obstructs our ability to focus.

Trauma changes us.

It literally limits our appetite for life.

It limits our vision and imagination.


I learned that we can’t do what we can’t imagine.

We can’t have a great relationship unless we know what that looks like.

We can’t have money if we have blocks to manifestation.

We won’t find our purpose if we are in confusion about what that means.

We can’t heal when we focus on the illness.



The answers to all

my questions

 came slowly,

over a decade,

in the form

 of a healing paradigm I now call

 Mystic Medicine.


Mystic Medicine is the meeting point of spirituality and science.

Science tells us about the world we see.

Spirituality tells us about the world we feel.

Healing happens when we acknowledge both too heal both.


Mystic Medicine is more than just a holistic approach. Mind, body and spirit are one and need to be treated as such. Our illness is a reflection of a disturbed traumatized inner nature that is not aligned with our spirit and our purpose. Healing happens when we integrate the mind with the body with the soul.



There is an ancient Vedic saying that says it all.


If you want to know what your

thoughts were like yesterday,

Look at your body today.


If you want to know what your

 body will be like tomorrow,

Look at your thoughts today.



So, if you want to change your life, you must change the way you think about life and learn to control your mind and emotions.


Level 1

Oct 20-23, 2016

Sedona, Arizona

Level 1

Oct 20-23, 2016

Sedona, Arizona



“Relationship Codes are a

Conversation with Your Soul”

Dr. Denny


4 Day Seminar Schedule



What will you learn in our Mystic Medicine program?


The cornerstone of Mystic Medicine is Relationship Medicine.

Relationship Medicine shows you how your relationships can alter your body chemistry and change your immune response which can cause a change in your DNA and cause illness.


You will learn how to identify relationship trauma and other issues in your life, what the mental blocks are, what the emotional charge is, what area of your life is affected, and how long it will be affecting you. And you will learn how to shift it.

You will also find the Relationship Code that is involved in your trauma and relationship difficulties as well as your illness. And, you will also be able to find a remedy or frequency that will help resolve the charge on the issue.


The overall program Level 1-3 consists of the following topics.

  1. Relationship Medicine

  2. Relationship Intelligence

  3. Emotional Intelligence

  4. Body Medicine

  5. Frequency Medicine

  6. Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine Correlation

  7. Timing of Stressful Event/ Cycles of Your Life

  8. Relationship Kinesiology Testing

  9. Mantra Identification Therapy

  10. Anatomy and Physiology Correlation with Mystic Medicine


Level-1 consists of learning the primary concepts of Relationship Medicine and establishing a proficiency in using the concept with clients, patients, family members, or friends.


There are 3 additional techniques which you will be introduced to which will require practice and skill. 

  1. Relationship Medicine Kinesiology

  2. Body as Your Universe

  3. Silent Sound Frequency Testing 


You will learn:


  1. How healing your relationships can heal your body

  2. How a bad relationship can make you sick

  3. Why the Development of Relationship Intelligence Heals Relationships

  4. Why learning your Relationship Codes is essential to your personal healing.

  5. Why learning your Relationship Codes is essential to your partner and family, clients and patient’s healing.

  6. How your major traumas are found in your 4 primary Codes

  7. Which body therapies lead to Relationship Healing

  8. How to correlate the time cycles of your life and the Timing of Stressful Events that can aggravate a relationship and affect your health

  9. How to perform Relationship Kinesiology Testing

  10. What Mantra Identification Therapy is and how it works?

  11. To correlating anatomy and physiology with Mystic Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese medicine.

  12. To correlate the body types of Ayurvedic Medicine with the 12 Relationship codes

  13. To correlate the body types with the Timing of Health Events cycle

  14.  How to correlate the Relationship Code issue with homeopathic remedies, frequencies, and other devices.



Body Medicine: You will be taught how to identify a problem area on your body or in your life and find out the emotion related to it, the story related to it, the illusion related to it, the Relationship Code related to it, and a solution to help resolve the issue.


Relationship Code Training: You will be taught how to find the Relationship Code for any individual and taught how to teach the information to others to help change their life.


(Disclaimer: The course is not in any way associated with modern medicine. We will not be teaching how to diagnose or treat any condition.

Note: Certification means that you have taken the level one course and have a proficiency of the material.)


Hands on Course:

Be advised, this course is designed as a participatory event. You will learn to do the work on others and visa-versa. This is not just a lecture series. Expect to get help with some of your stress issues as well.


There are 5 core components of each module:

  1. Relationship Intelligence Theory

  2. Emotional Intelligence Theory

  3. Body as Universe Theory

  4. Relationship Medicine Kinesiology

  5. Silent Sound Therapy


For more information:

Mystic Medicine Practitioner


Dr. Denny Thompson D.C.

Level 1

Oct 20-23, 2016

Sedona, Arizona

Level 1

Oct 20-23, 2016

Sedona, Arizona