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                          DNA of Relationship Medicine  


The Genome Project discovered our human DNA genetic code and found the basic map of how our genes affect our physical and chemical body. Now scientists have started searching for genes that explain our personalities.


Environmental Influences On Gene Expression


What they have found is that our environmental influences affect the expression of our genes. In other words, our genes are turned on or off by where we live, how we live, and who we live with.


Environmental influences include such things as diet, toxins, trauma, drugs, and stress. Our body senses our environment through cellular receptor sites and our genes respond in a positive, negative or neutral way.


A stress effect is negative when genes that create a healthy physiology may be inactivated or turned off, and then we get sick. Alarm signals produce alarm responses like inflammation.


A stress effect that is positive produces nurturing responses from the body. You feel good.


And, we also have genetic predispositions to certain conditions that stress may actually activate to create illness. The focus of this page is not toxins or diet but stress.


Stress can turn on or off your healthy genetic expression. What is one of the most stressful things in a person’s life? Many people would say it is relationships.


The focus of this page is Relationship Stress, how it affects your health, and how the Relationship Codes can activate your healing.


Relationship Codes are all about the workings of your inner-self and relationships. We all have needs, but most of us don’t exactly know what those needs are. When we don't get our needs met we can become angry or irriated and generally stressed.

When you do get your needs met, your health can improve. 


               How Do I Get My Needs Met?


        Learn your Relationship Love Codes.


The 12 Relationship Codes define what you need, what your partner needs, and what your children need. Because it’s all about the brain.


               Your Brain On Relationships


If you have ever tried to have a relationship with someone but weren't successful, you know that the key to a good relationship is many times very illusive. You obviously didn't know just what you could do to make them your friend or partner. You didn't know that if you gave them what they needed, they would be more inclined to hang out with you. You didn't know what their needs were.


That is probably because the Relationship Codes we have are the ones we think everyone has. We generally have 4 of the 12 that are most important to us.


You really don't have to talk someone into being your friend if you are nurturing them. They will be your friend because they feel good when they are around you. They have needs. You have needs.


Those needs are triggered by their specific Brain Reward Circuits. If you can tap into those circuits, great relationships can be found. 


Scientific research shows us that relationship needs have to do with brain stimulation. All of our thoughts, feelings, ambition and drive as well as our body sensations, correlate to the activation and stimulation of specific nerve cells which produce a Brain Signal that results in an experience of either pleasure or pain (reward circuit).


How does the relationship reward circuit affect your relationships? People are much more likely to buy what you are selling, which is you, when you stimulate their brain signals, or said another way, people are much more likely to hang out with you if you nurture them.


Is Your Relationship Reward Circuit Driven?


Close relationships are driven by the need to get nurtured or feel pleasure. You need to get nurtured but so does your potential partner. If you show up only to feel pleasure yourself rather than give pleasure, your success in any relationship is doomed.


We have all been there on both sides of that equation.

Our relationship reward circuits are stimulated by what I call your Brain Love Signals. Relationships have to do with needs, needs have to do with your brain (reward circuits).


Take hunger for instance. When your cells are low on nutrients, they send a message through your nervous system saying they are hungry which stimulates the hypothalamus and you get a Brain Signal that tells you to eat something. The same thing happens with thirst. When your cells are low on water you get a message to drink something. These are physiological needs (Reward Circuit).


Psychological and social needs are mediated by the Limbic system of the brain. The Limbic system does its job by helping you avoid pain and repeat what is pleasurable. It is a very emotional area.


Brain Signal Relationships


All experiences are brought about by electrical impulses that flow along nervous system pathways that are connected to brain nerve cells. Your pleasure pathways are turned on. Your defensive pathways are turned off.


These neurochemical effects are brought to you by your neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin along with the bonding chemical Oxytocin. It is the balance of these neurochemical agents that produce either pleasure or pain. 


We like who we like due to the activation of certain brain areas that produce these chemicals. We bond with certain people because of how we feel when we are with them. Some people will just naturally stimulate our bonding chemistry and others will not.


Remember, relationships are about bonding. If you want to bond with someone, you will need to know how to TURN ON their bonding brain chemicals.


Bonding brain chemicals have a positive effect on your relationships and increase the health expression of your genes. It’s that simple.


Good relationships are good for your health.


How Do You Activate Brain Signals?


Learn your 4 primary Relationship Codes.

Then learn your partners 4 primary Relationship Codes.


To learn your Relationship Codes schedule a consultation by calling 303-247-1515.