Pine Street Study: Does Adding Alternative Medicine Add Life To Your Cancer Care?

Does combining alternative medicine with conventional therapies help you live longer?

The answer might surprise you!

Stunning Survival Results Using

Conventional Cancer Therapy plus

Alternative Healing Methods

The following is a summary of the Pine Street cancer study. You can go online to see the study for yourself at

There has been a landmark study done by the Pine Street Acupuncture Clinic in California. The study compared patients with cancer who did conventional cancer treatment to those who did conventional plus alternative treatment. The alternative treatment was called PAM+V which stands for Pan-Asian (Chinese Medicine, acupuncture) and V for herbs, vitamins and nutrition. The results are astounding. The specifics are below. In a nut shell the study shows that if you have cancer, you have an increase likelihood of survival if you use alternative medicine at the same time.


More than 1/3 of adults use some form of alternative medicine yet there is little research that answers the question many cancer patients ask their oncologist. “Can I take my vitamins when I do my chemo”. The question has many versions but essentially asks if combining alternative medicine with conventional therapies will help me live longer.

The Pine Street Survival Study used herbal medicine plus other vitamins and antioxidants as well as healthful eating and stress reduction. Natural organic foods were emphasized as well as suggesting light exercise such as walking and yoga-like activities. They concluded that alternative therapies added to conventional cancer therapy can increase longevity.


They studied lung and colon cancer patients.

Depending on the stage in lung cancer patients, the combination approach reduced the risk of death by 46% to 69% compared to using only conventional therapy alone.

In those with colon cancer, the Pine Street approach reduced the risk of death by 25% to 95% depending on the state.

They also looked at short term therapy versus long term therapy. In lung cancer patients who continued with the additional alternative therapy after conventional therapy was finished reduced risk of death by ................

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