Time to Add a Health Care Model to Cancer Care.

Here is the deal.

Cancer doctors are good people. It’s got to be a hard job. Cancer doctors in general though, are interested in one thing and one thing only, how to kill your cancer cells. That makes sense. Somebody has to do it. It is their orientation and from their perspective, the only thing that’s important.

Oncology doctors think this way because their toolbox consists of big guns like chemo and radiation that try to smash the cancer cells to smithereens. Sounds good, except that using the big guns create a lot of collateral damage and many times they don’t kill just cancer cells. As in war, civilians get damaged. In the war on cancer, the rest of the body’s cells can get awfully beat up.

In modern medicine’s war on cancer, healthy cells are subjected to the toxic effects of chemo drugs and radiation that eventually take a huge toll on your recovery. In some cases, the cancer may be eradicated though the patient doesn’t survive or the patient survives but the toxic side effects of the therapy eventually cause severe health problems. Recurrence of cancer may be associated with these toxic side effects as well................

(To read the rest of the story go to http://www.cancerhealingalternatives.com/pdfs-from-doctors)

Dr. Denny

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