Do Healthy Cells Change To Cancer Cells?

Let me tell you why nurturing your body’s cells is so important when you are going through conventional cancer care.

Cancer cells are the bad guys. Healthy cells are the good guys. I think we all get that. Cancer doctors try to kill the bad guys. I think we get that too.

But when cancer doctors try to kill the bad guys, they also kill a lot of the good guys. Chemo and radiation cause a lot of collateral damage which results in creating a lot of unhealthy cells which leads to making the patient even more unhealthy.

Here is the most important point; cancer cells were once your good guys.

Each cell in your body receives DNA instructions about when to growth and when to end its life span. Healthy cells are subject to programmed cell death called apoptosis. Therefore, the body is constantly refurbishing itself by replacing the old tired cells with new ones. This is normal.

How do healthy cells develop into cancer cells?..............

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