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Vedic Medical Body Astrology

         Seminar   Aug 22-25 

                   Your Body Is Your Chart

Healing the Body with Vedic Astrology. 

 Learn Vedic Medical 

Body Astrology

Dr. Denny 

in Sedona, AZ


                                    Aug 22-25, 2019


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I'm Dr. Denny. 


I am a Chiropractic Acupuncturist, an international author, healer, teacher, and have been practicing Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Holistic Medicine and Vedic Medical Astrology for the past thirty years.


I have authored:  "Ayurvedic Zone Diet", "The Twelve Ways of Love" and "The Yoga of Relationships and the Twelve Ways of Love".


 I would like to introduce you to  Applied Vedic Medical Body Astrology



Spend 4 days with me in Sedona, AZ and dive into profound levels of diagnostics and healing based on the ancient systems of the Vedas.


What this seminar is about.

A Vedic Astrology chart can reveal health cycles which can  point to stress and illness and even its location in the body. Your Vedic health cycle can also show  the timing of possible recovery from illness.


This seminar will teach you how you can avert the illness that has not yet occurred by understanding how to read your Vedic health chart to assess physical and emotional periods of stress. 


In this 4 day intensive we will explore how a Vedic chart relates to the brain and how and where negative affects show up in the body. 


You will also learn how you can reduce the negative effects of diffucult  time cycles. 

You will learn that a Vedic Health chart mirrors the Acupuncture Meridian system and how you can influence prana/chi flow to increase healthy energy flow (without needles).
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